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Billing Software: DYNAMIC SEARCH FORMS...

MedOffice makes it simple to search for any item with its powerful dynamic search capabilities. For example, imagine you wanted to search for procedure codes recently used.  The first screen here shows a simple listing of Bills #101-111 and the corresponding data for each bill. 

Notice that you can drag multiple column headers to the blue area, which causes the list to be reorganized and sorted according to the column headers.  In the screen shot below, the procedure codes are now sorted by 1) Bill No., 2) Patient Code; and 3) Provider ID so you can quickly see which provider may have recently used a specific code.

In the screen shot below, the procedure codes have now been re-sorted by 1) Patient Code; 2) Provider ID; and 3) Diagnosis Code in case you wanted to quickly find which procedure code was associated with a specific diagnosis code for a certain provider and patient.